Come gentle light, delicate moon
shine inside the heart of each of us,
games with the leaves of the trees

the secret of the earth, belongs to you
lonely in the night sky
sigh lovers, under your gloss

in the mystery of this universe, you’re like the gate of heaven!
after you, endless distant stars, and unreachable
caress the great waters of the earth

looking at your glory night
gifts serenity, with your silence bright
while the spirit, quiets, for the night.


small crystals

5453a67fda081cb33f55f81e712eca6eHHHH that fall from the sky
like white butterflies, in the dark night,
the immense silence, quiet and penetrating,

snow falls from the sky, covering everything,
hides the flaws of the earth,
calm the agitated, quiets the soul,

each small crystal is like the whisper of God,
angels play with small flakes,
before they land very gently, on earth,

are blessed by heavenly spirits,
Snow is a gift to the earth, and the seeds of wheat, which contains
they get tangled in the warmth, wait for the spring,

to watch the sky, for the first time.


winter wind

the wind is blowing from the north, pungent,
seems to want to cut your face!

snow crystals flying through the air, the wind force
move the snow from one place to another,
Silence is master the icy wind,

while the howl of the wolf comes from the mountains,
called the moon, disappearing for days,
strong winter, keeps all tight, in his embrace.a7c2a086d327a201bb8d3bb709779387uuuu



My words are the painting of myself
go to infinity of life,

in our daily lives,
appearances in the unconscious,

spirit of the being of each of us,
our mind, think that in this universe,

any extraordinary moment in the talk and smile,
cry and smile, in this dimension of love,

we are all the paintings of this wonderful creation,
life stories, which are woven in search of love,

each of us is unique, each of us
drug has its particularity,

we look like God, even if we are not perfect like him,
we have his heart, though bizarre and capricious.

Together in this world before we meet again
shocking in eternity!



winter melody

winter melody,
evanescent horizon,
strong feelings in the soul,
in the mood for sun and fun,
Snow and rain are the master of this time,
in the silent gray sky, stars and sun
are hidden in the mysterious firmament,
loads of snow in the woods, all is silent,
listen to the earth, surrounded by cold,
trees with empty branches,
they seem like dead withered,
everyone is asleep, only the wolf goes silent
and a sparrow alone, seems to weep

winter melody