the sincerity

The, sincerity, not ours,
we live by the will, ALWAYS more,
in THIS universe, expanding,

we say lies and lies,
for fun?
for the love of conquest?
to appear, what, do not we?

I love a simple heart, and pure,
a sincere heart, and humble,
I love the heart, and his instincts,

I love the melody, that comes out
by pulsing blood,
I love the warm heart, he loves.

The lies and falsehoods, belong
to those whose hearts are closed,
cold and biting,

away from me, monster surface!
dark as night, WITHOUT stars,
in the absence of light,

I live among the stars,
not in a heart, icy,
inconstant and indifferent,

trivial, which does not flow LIFE,
I live in the throb of love,
because I’m alive!10418919_407921262690180_4716963480725261115_n (1)hhh


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