the angels

look look, the angels play, sing and dance!
in the sky there are billions of heavenly spirits,
merry, for the little baby!

play small lullabies, love,
heavenly melodies endless, they do move God,
the whole earth glitters, fragrant incense,

comes out from every church, which celebrates the love of the Lord,
every lighted window, who loves Jesus,
is full of invisible angels, loving family,

seraphim, cherubim, thrones and dominations
sing and fly to the galaxy and constellations,
followed by the other angels, all the nine choirs of angels!

God’s love knows no limit.1509958_851966671532150_4974408332498381784_nYYY


which is the true joy?

the real joy is the love that we give to others!
if we remain closed in us, sullen,
everything falls on ourselves!
Why should we be sad?
the glue for us and life is the light of God!
If we love God, we can deal with, every sorrow!
if we believe in God’s love, we are not afraid of anything.
if we are close to the light, we have the strength to face,
sorrow, sickness, death!
Because God is the strength of our soul,
the courage and the wisdom that makes us feel strong and courageous!
must be convinced that the love of the Lord, is also for us,
and death is only a passage to eternity!


our life

faith does not change the reality of our present life,
but we understand, and understand, our mistakes of the past,
like a ray of light that blinds our eyes,

a light that dispels the shadows, in our mind,
with the passage of time, we mature,
time brings to us, wisdom and prudence,

Youth is the time surface, joy,
daring to do things without thinking about anything,
the spring weather and the smile of the game.

All this is normal, it’s our little trip,
to eternity, all we have to go
no one can escape, we are obliged to go.2eac033669fb82ae5e62108882cffa3d666


When evening comes

EVERYTHING is so quiet and peaceful

with autumn rain
ticking on the windows

and the wind stirs the dead leaves
the flies in the air,

stroking for the last time,
I feel my frozen feet

and curl up on myself
by the fire,

gnawing a roasted chestnut
while the crackling of the fire is safe and restful

oh breath of my soul!
oh rebellious spirit that rests,

in the quiet of the night that covers everything,
the moon is hidden, beyond the clouds

I guess its luster,
spark silent raising TIDES

with POWER!




the breath of the mountain,
carries the howl of the wolf,

through forests, and the waters of the streams,
in cold weather, under bright stars,

between puffs of wind chill,
he seeks his companion,

in joy and in sorrow,
danger in the forest,

in moving their love.


the sincerity

The, sincerity, not ours,
we live by the will, ALWAYS more,
in THIS universe, expanding,

we say lies and lies,
for fun?
for the love of conquest?
to appear, what, do not we?

I love a simple heart, and pure,
a sincere heart, and humble,
I love the heart, and his instincts,

I love the melody, that comes out
by pulsing blood,
I love the warm heart, he loves.

The lies and falsehoods, belong
to those whose hearts are closed,
cold and biting,

away from me, monster surface!
dark as night, WITHOUT stars,
in the absence of light,

I live among the stars,
not in a heart, icy,
inconstant and indifferent,

trivial, which does not flow LIFE,
I live in the throb of love,
because I’m alive!10418919_407921262690180_4716963480725261115_n (1)hhh


embrace winter


in sparkling moment of the soul,
fast on the day, the light passes,
in the cold winter weather,

in the icy dusk, without borders,
in celestial design ethereal,
soul that happy songs, Snow Crystal

in the spirit fantastic, flowing
like a torrent, rushing and pure,
cold water, and bright,

while singing, in his gurgling,
winter holds, we all
in his strong embrace, weeping